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A show about the men whose profession it is to be kitted out with sunglasses whatever the weather or time of day, wire dangling from their ears : Bodyguards. Straightforward enough, one might think, but the 2 bodyguards in question are of a particular breed. They spend their time boasting about the merits of their profession, using songs full of humour and derisive wit. In the meantime, they are of course "protecting" some personality, (The public comes in handy here) the President, Michael Jackson, or the rich widow who is burying her beloved dog "Kiki". The public won't know what's "Hit" them, but woe betide the bodyguards if they forget the potential danger of hidden snipers. They'll be riddled before they know what's happening... After all, security takes precedence over everything.

Laughs, security, thrills galore guaranteed.


Actors :

  • Fabrice Bisson and Philippe Jouan
  • Stage Manager : Frank Matrullo or Thierry Lagadu