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lang_fr copieOPERATION BETA
Created in 2003, 60 mn.
Avalaible in French or English, outside or inside.

For the first time ever, the audience of the entire world will be witness to the “sound rip-offs” and other tricks and deceptive contrivances which Hollywood regularly uses.
The count down is running...
Secret agent Peter Smith (who is very professional when there's no danger) has a mission: TO SAVE PLANET EARTH.
Once again, Peter Smith (with Russian secret agent Natacha) is hot on the heels of the machiavellian John Bad, who threatens the very existence of Planet Earth with his deadly stock of bacteriological weapons, the Crazy Balls.
It's like the cinema, but then again it's not.


  • Philippe Jouan (as Peter Smith) and Fabrice Bisson (as the other characters)
  • Frank Matrullo: Stage Manager
  • RĂ©mi Estival (or Sam Neaud): Sound Engineer
  • Thalie Guibout: Lights

Thanks to: Nigel Stewart (translation of the show)

Technical sheet outdoor:

  • show of roughly: 60 mn
  • plan space necessary: 30 m2 straight floor
  • electric power: 16A - 220V normal size plug
  • easily access for unloading
  • set-up time: 2 hours
  • de-ring time : 1 hour
  • dressing room ground floor as possible, with water and electricity
  • de-ring time: no
  • lights: to plan by the programmer if the show is scheduled as an evening performance (we don’t have it)

Indoor: please, contact us