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In a few lines...
The Company performs mostly in the street, but has also performed indoors since 2004.

It started in 1992 with 'La Valise qui fume' (The Smoking Suitcase), which performed in Caen, as side show in Aurrillac, and in Vendée, before it was discovered and bought the next season by the 'Chalon dans la Rue' festival. The adventure then went on according to tours and new creations.

The Company is also part of the Bazarnaom collective, where it is based, and which is a place for artists to share, perform and be hosted in Caen. The Company's members are actors, but also also singers and musicians, and they sometimes work with other bands and theatre companies. They've been working as street performers for twenty years within the Joe Sature Company, creating burlesque – and often musical – shows (with songs, sound experiments, plays on rhythm, live music and/or soundtrack, auditive tricks...). They define themselves as belonging to the music hall category.

The trademark of the Joe Sature shows (for all audiences) is a combination of dynamic rhythm and situational comedy, orchestrated by a varied musical background.

Ouh La La ! (2018), Autorisation de Sortie (2014-2015), Only You (2010), Offre Spéciale (2006), Hors Service (2006), Opération Béta (2003), Protection Rapprochée (1998), Les Pompiers volontaires (1997), La Valise qui fume (1992).
Currently touring shows: Autorisation de Sortie, Only You, Offre Spéciale, Hors Service.
All the Company's shows tour abroad (with an English version), except Offre Spéciale and Autorisation de Sortie (an English version is in preparation for 2015/2016).